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Have you ever felt frustrated to the point you just wanted to throw something or someone out of the window?

Well, this morning, the universe gifted me with one of those moments. I woke up, made myself a nice cup of freshly brewed black coffee. I sat down in front of the computer to review the set of questions I had prepared for my next podcast interview. My guest was Gaurang Hrishi, a former Indian monk for 17 years, who left his life of devotion behind to study business and become an entrepreneur.

As I was sipping on my cup…

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In September 2018, I had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Will Tuttle - author of the New York Times bestseller The World Peace Diet - give a conference on veganism in Madrid. His kindness and compassion, together with his extraordinary ability to make creative yet assertive connections, immediately invited me to surrender to his words and deeply reflect upon his message.

At that point, I was vegetarian mainly due to personal health and environmental reasons. Since that evening, however, my whole perspective on food choices, veganism, and our society shifted. …

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Before you continue reading this, close your eyes. Count three deep breaths. Focus on their air that flows within you.

No, this is not a meditation class. My only intention here is to invite you to realize your very own existence. Your free will. Your innate ability to truly be in the present. Acknowledge that all those excuses you have been telling yourself belong to the past. Not to you, not to this moment, not now.

In fact, what you can do now is come up with a whole new set of excuses. Like not starting whatever thing you’ve been…

Carlota Guedes

I’m an idealist with feet on the ground, motivated to living an examined and wholehearted life.

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